Our Story

Inspired by the life of the great Swami Vipulananda

ADVRO is a registered charity that was formed in December 2001, with the purpose of providing charitable services to the Ampara area guided by the philanthropic values upheld by  Swami Vipulananda (1892-1947) – a social reformer, literary critic, author, poet, teacher and ascetic from the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka (Amparai District). 

This area has been left devastated by decades of brutal Civil War, a horrific tsunami disaster and ongoing climate crises. ADVRO’s initial objective was to provide financial assistance to orphanages that were in desperate need of funds. ADVRO soon recognised the needs of the wider community living in the remote villages bordering the Ampara and Batticaloa districts, as well as other neighbouring districts, and now focuses its efforts on wider reaching projects.

Our Approach

Our Mission And Vision

ADVRO seeks to ensure adequate healthcare and education is provided for all in the Eastern District of Sri Lanka. We envision that in the future these areas will be fully self sufficient.

Our Objectives


— Provide Financial Relief

Relief of poverty and the preservation and protection of good health.


— Advance Education

Advancement of education – improving the education of deprived underprivileged children.


— Improve Condition of Life

Provision/assistance of facilities for recreation or other leisure time and occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances, with the objective of improving their condition of life.

Executive Committee

Committee Members